Annual Conference

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SGBA Annual Conference starting June 21-23, 2018

at Lemoyne Baptist Church, Genoa OH

The Annual Conference is designed for the family and provides a time
when members of other churches can come meet, learn and fellowship.
May God be glorified in all.

The Topic: The Disciple-Making Church

There is perhaps no clearer command given to followers of Christ than to “Go and Make Disciples”.
Yet, church life can easily become centered around events and programs and miss this basic responsibility of making disciples. This shift often leads Christians towards busyness rather than spiritual maturity, and churches towards activity rather than transformed lives forged through disciple-making. Join us as we learn practical steps to build a culture of discipleship in the local church.

The Speaker: Pastor Tim Potter

Tim Potter has served at  Grace Church in Mentor, OH since 1991 transitioning to the role of
Senior Pastor in 2006.  Tim also serves as the President of the Board of Directors overseeing
ARCHministries, an organization that seeks to build disciple-making churches.

The Event: Monday—Thursday, June 21-23

7:00pm-Session 1: Introduction

9:00am -Session 2: Discipleship in the Local Church
11:00am-Session 3: Models of Discipleship in Acts
7:00pm -Session 4: Building a Culture of Disciplemaking

9:00am -Session 5: Building a Culture of Disciplemaking, Q & A
11:00am-Session 6: Next Steps: Getting Started in Your Church
12:00pm Q & A

Information Free, but we will be taking a freewill offering.

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