Our Doctrine

Our Doctrine

Our Lord Jesus Christ is exalted as both Lord and Savior. We trust in him alone to save us from sin and Hell by his perfect life and atoning death. He is our God, our Creator and our Master whom we seek to please and obey.

The Holy Bible is the Word of God and it is central in our worship and life as a church. We preach the whole counsel of God, always raising the important question: “How should this truth affect my life?”

Salvation is the work of God from beginning to end. Man is totally dependent upon God’s free Grace. The sovereignty of God in salvation and the responsibility of man to repent and believe are both essential.

Our Fellowship is warm and caring. Relationships are developed where there is the expression of genuine love and concern for one another. Such caring goes deeper than the Sunday-to-Sunday level.

Holiness of life is emphasized through the power of the Holy Spirit.