Trip To Israel: Oct 28 to Nov 10, 2019!  All welcome!

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Trip To Israel: Oct 28 to Nov 10, 2019!  All welcome!

Lord willing, we will take a team for a two week trip to Israel standing in the land where Jesus walked, preached and died for our sins.    This will not be a typical tour of Israel but led by degreed Professors who love the Lord and know their subject well.

Tour Host contact is: Dr. Ronald Shinkle –Pastor; 419-697-0009. 25020 Bradner Rd, Genoa, OH 43430


Those who have completed study tours with Jerusalem University College enthusiastically recommend the programs. Listen to their testimonials:

“It certainly helped me to read the Bible with new understanding and insight.”

“I’ve been to Israel several times before, but
this program far exceeds any other!”

“Participation in the program was for me a
mountain top spiritual experience.”

“It has unquestionably made me a better
teacher of the Word.”

“All I can say is Praise the Lord for this fine
institution and for allowing me to come.”

Jerusalem University College is committed to enhancing the lives and ministries of Christians by providing quality study tours tailored to meet the needs of pastors and parishioners alike. This tour is designed as a continuing education course covering the geographical and historical settings of the Bible. The land of the Bible will become your classroom as biblical events are studied on the very sites.


HISTORIC CAMPUS – Jerusalem University



Studying the Bible in its original setting under skilled instructors will challenge your thinking and make Bible reading and teaching come alive as never before. We invite you to become part of this unique experience in the land of Israel.
Become more alive to the reality of the biblical events as they experience their actual locations in the land of the Bible.

About Jerusalem University College
The university was founded in 1957 by Dr. G. Douglas Young to enrich the understanding of the Scriptures through a firsthand encounter with the land, culture, languages, and history of Israel.

The university is housed on historic Mount Zion, a few yards from the traditional site of Christ’s Last Supper and the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. It sits atop the foundations of the ancient walls of Jesus’ day with the excavation of the important Essene gate literally in its backyard.

JERUSALEM University College
•Institute of Holy Land Studies.
North American Office
4249 East State St., Suite 203 Rookford, IL
Telephone: 815-229-5900 or 800-891-9408

Jerusalem Campus
P.O. Box 1276, Mount Zion
91012 Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: 972-2-671 -8628
See JUC web Site for full information.

Contact Dr. Ronald Shinkle-Pastor if interested in going to Israel.
Lemoyne Baptist Church
25020 Bradner Rd
Genoa, OH 43430
419-697-0009 –
Walk Where Jesus Walked!

Trip to Holy Land
Oct 28 to Nov 10th 2019

This fantastic trip to Israel is through Jerusalem University – seeing most of all the important biblical sights of Holy Land but with in-depth edification from trained Christian professionals.

A trip with Jerusalem University College is more than a typical Holy Land tour.
It is a study program with Christian instructors who are specially trained in the historical geography of Israel. It correlates Biblical truth with field trips that cover the land from Dan to Beer Sheba. In addition, it is an experience during which you will integrate what you learn of the land of Israel with your study of the Scriptures.

“And the LORD will take possession of Judah as His inheritance in the Holy Land, and will again
choose Jerusalem.” Zec 2:12
Day 1 – ARRIVE IN TEL AVIV Proceed through passport control and customs. University staff will greet groups outside customs and take you directly to your lodging in Jerusalem. (If travelling independent of a group, you will take a sherut to the university.)
Day 2-OLD CITY Morning seminars followed by an afternoon walk in the Old City of Jerusalem. Sites visited will include: the Western Wall, City of David, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, and the Pool of Siloam.
Day 3 -TERRITORY OF BENJAMIN Field tour focusing on the central part of the country in the tribal allotments of Benjamin. Sites visited include: Michmash, Gibeah, Jericho, the Aijalon and Sorek valleys. (There will be a special evening lecture on the Middle East Today.)
Day 4 – NEW TESTAMENT JERUSALEM A morning walk through the Old City of Jerusalem will take you to sites of special interest in New Testament times. You will visit Bethesdah, the modern Via Dolorosa, and the Temple Mount. Afternoon seminars prepare you for the remaining regions.
Day 5 -JERUSALEM & BETHLEHEM View Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. Walk to the Garden of Gethsemane and then on to the Garden Tomb. Visit the Holocaust museum Yad Vashem, a detailed scale model of the Second Temple, the Herodion, and Bethlehem.
Day 6 – SHEPHELAH & PHILISTINE PLAIN Follow ancient routes from the hill country on the coastal plain visiting sites including Lachish — the last defense against Nebuchadnezzar’s conquest, Azekah, the Valley of Elah where David fought Goliath, and the Philistine port city Ashkelon.
Day 7- DEAD SEA, MASADA, & QUMRAN Travel to Masada, the Jewish Zealots’ last holdout against the Romans in 73 AD. Take a swim in the Dead Sea, visit En Gedi where David hid from Saul, and see the caves at Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.
Day8 -FREE DAY Enjoy a day of leisure, shopping, and sight-seeing. (There will be a special evening lecture on Jewishness in the Modern State of Israel.)
Days 9-12— GALILEE Spend 3 days in the northern regions of Samaria and Galilee. Visit Caesarea, Megiddo, Mount Carmel, and the Jezreel Valley. Also visit sites central to Christ’s ministry including: Nazareth, Cana, Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee, the Mt of Beatitudes, Bethsaida and Caesarea Philippi. Lodging is provided at a kibbutz hotel near the Sea of Galilee.
Day 13- FREE DAY Your last full day in Israel will be free for such things as shopping and sightseeing.
Day 14- DEPARTURE Enjoy one of the longest days of your life reflecting on all you have learned walking and studying the land of the Bible, as you fly West and arrive in North America the same day.
COST: The cost of the program is about $2,900 U.S. plus airfare. This includes the application fee & deposit, three meals a day) double or triple room lodging, field trip transportation, site entrance fees, tips, and instructor. Required map materials are an additional $65.00. Private accommodations are available for a surcharge. Travelers insurance advised. The only additional expenses are personal purchases and the cost of transportation by sherut (taxi — about $20.00 U.S. one way) from Ben Gurion Airport to the University.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Accommodations are at the discretion of the university. Off-campus housing is in 3 star or better hotels and hospices with 2 or 3 per room and private bath. Breakfast and dinner are normally taken at the place of lodging. Lunch is taken on the field trips. Touring in Israel is by air conditioned, modern motor coach.

• TRAVEL TO ISRAEL: Travel arrangements to Israel are the responsibility of the participant or group leader. The university will recommend a travel service which has negotiated group fares. These fares are based on non- refundable and non-transferable tickets. The university is not responsible for making travel arrangements or for the refunding of airfare charges for any reason.

• ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURES DATES: The first date is the arrival day in Tel Aviv. The second date is your departure date. Please note this carefully when speaking with the travel service.

• APPLICATION: Completed application form (group or individual forms), with proof of health insurance, application fee, deposit and map materials ($215.00) by July 15. Balance of payment is due 30 days prior to the program. Credit card payments are accepted at our Rockford, Illinois office. Physician to complete if 50 years of age or more.

• PLEASE NOTE: Jerusalem University College reserves the right to cancel any program. In such case the applicant will be refunded all program fees submitted. Deposit is refundable up to 30 days prior to the start of the program.

• The information contained in this brochure does not constitute a contract and is subject to revision. The program fees and itinerary are subject to change.


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